February 26th, 2018 will mark the six year anniversary of the tragic and senesless murder of Trayvon Martin! Six long and excruciating years of no justice and no real lasting peace. george zimmerman, the maniacal stalking super predator and white supremacy poster boy, still openly brags about killing Trayvon Martin, a Black child, and is still to my suprise very much still alive and promoting hate and homocide. Sean Bell was murdered on my 18th birthday and sadly Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice both had their bright lights extinguished before ever reaching the 18th year milestone, while Mike Brown’s light was snuffed out once he reached his. We can sit around and conjecture about how their lives would’ve turned out had they not been executed, but I know in death they don’t deserve to have photos of their bullet riddle bodies paraded across the internet! As a Black man I will continue to uplift their names and speak life into who they were and rain fire and brimstone on those who seek to destroy Black boys, girls, men, and women through writing and activism!!! Here is an article I wrote for The Paper back in undergrad… R.I.P. TRAYVON MARTIN!!!


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