I always wondered how a coon becomes a coon; haven’t you? Have you ever wondered what it must feel like knowing you are fully capable and prepared to try to undermine Black diasporic (from Africa to America and anywhere Black folks have settled and or been displaced due to the peculiar institution know as slavery) progress in the hopes to gain a few favors? When one makes the mental commitment to cooning, how does one prepare them for the role? These are just some of the many questions I have regarding the phenomenon of modern-day cooning.

For starters, I’d like to define the word “coon” or “cooning” as the deliberate conscious sabotaging of Black diasporic progress in any way shape or form possible as to maximize the subversion of said diasporic progress. Now that we a working definition for coons and cooning we can now conjecture about why Black folks decide to become coons. Perhaps the biggest and most easily recognizable coons are Stacey Dash, Omarosa, and Ben Carson. These folks started off seemingly pro-Black or at the very least, not coons. I think at some point in time Black folks were enamored and supportive of these aforementioned folks until the essence of coonery possessed their Black bodies.

I clearly remember Stacey Dash is not only an attractive sister whose work in both the movies Clueless and Mo’ Money I thoroughly enjoyed, but she was relatively quiet pre-Fox news gig. No one would have thought she would be cooning and championing the idea of cessation of Black History Month. Blacks in America are celebrated far too little to have the one whole solid month dedicated to Black achievement called to end least of all by another Black person. This is precisely why cooning is so deadly in that it uses white supremacy channeled through Black bodies to carry out racist agendas against the Black community.

I remember being in junior high and visiting my father like I did plenty of times before, but this one particular time my dad offered me some reading material. The book was none other than Ben Carson’s “Gifted Hands” autobiography. Now in all fairness, I didn’t read more than maybe 20 pages (I was only 12 and it was more important things to do like go to the mall and play video games with my dad) but to see how the man turned out from my initial introduction to him to now is disheartening. To deem enslaved African folks as “immigrants” serves to fuel the legitimacy of white supremacist rhetoric. Now instead of using what one brother calls the “I’m white and I say so “rule, white supremacists can just point to one of our own spewing the same venom.

Last, but most coon, is none other than the infamous Omarosa. I remember watching the Apprentice (pre-president trump) with my mom and being inspired by Kwame Jackson a Black male contestant with an MBA. I thought he was just so dope and inspirational from his style to his demeanor. I clearly remember as part of the shows premise contestants have to prove their mettle in a boardroom setting with trump and his offspring across the table. This one particular boardroom scene Omarosa undermined Kwame in the snakiest fashion effectively throwing him under the bus. Omarosa’s actions caused Kwame to be eliminated/fired from the competition. Omarosa’s actions showed me how purely evil some Black folks can be in their quest to appease master. Omarosa since then has always come across as an opportunist ready to throw fellow Black folks under the bus as quick as she was thrown out of the White House. Perhaps her most coonish undertaking was her stint as the premier coon in residence under a trump led White House/ presidency.

As of this blog post, I am still unclear what Omarosa’s official title was or in what capacity she contributed to trump’s cabinet, all I know is that all that we’ve gone through in just a decade since Barrack Obama became the 44th President until now Black folks have been made to suffer for their gains. Why then would ANY Black person with dignity and self-respect would want to work for a pompous, arrogant, severely hideous, patriarchal, sexual deviant, poor excuse of a human who in the wake of the Central Park jogger case called for the execution of the young Black children falsely accused of rape in a full page add in several credible New York major news publications including the Times.

I am so outraged by coons and their support of the age-old agenda to stifle Black progress indefinitely and at every turn because it justifies white supremacy. A white supremacist can always say “Stacey Dash supports it” and that is justification enough in these folks’ minds because we have Blacks in agreement in a plot to foil other Black folks at the behest of some evil white folks. Supporting folks like trump and you’re a Black person is basically signaling to the world that you can be compromised and whored out for money (the use of the word whore here has nothing to do with gender) fame or some other form of reward. And much like the disposable cameras of the 90’s once white supremacists and Black folks alike see you for what you are you too will have your negatives exposed and then discarded like the common trash that you are!

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