Cool Out On The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS ice bucket challenge is all the rage right now. Different people from all walks of life are completing and accepting the ice bucket challenge all across social media. The challenge is a fun way for people to get involved and spread awareness of the devastating disease. I think this is a fun and engaging way to spread awareness and get people to participate and hopefully donate to organizations to help bring about a cure for this disease. What kills me is when I read memes about Americans “wasting” water while people of less economically prosperous countries continue to struggle to obtain fresh drinking water. I get that the citizens of economically poorer countries do not always have access to fresh drinking water, but to demonize and shame people who “waste” water to spread awareness of a deadly disease is simply wrong! it seems nowadays everyone wants to find fault with everything no matter how positive or well intending this thing may be. The same people who complain about the ALS ice bucket challenge, are the same people who probably turn the faucet on indefinitely while brushing their teeth (I am guilty of this lol) and take hour-long showers (I too am guilty of this as well smh lol) without compunction. Will these same self-righteous folks now take up issue with people who enjoy the pool in the summer or those who enjoy the warmth of a jacuzzi? Or maybe they'll brow-beat parents for taking their young children to the sprinklers? People need to get off off their soapboxes and learn to differentiate between battles worth fighting for. If not, I'm going to squirt them with a super soaker and hit you with a few water balloons because I know you played with those too! lol Smh

Find out more about ALS Here

Donate to finding a cure Here



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  1. Jackson K Brown says:

    Thank You Keev Brown for this article. Yes!!! There are causes to get up for. Let’s have a ice bucket challenge for Afro-American Teens dropping out of school, or how about this one let’s have a ice bucket challenge for Gang Member’s , the diminishing Black Families now that one will be worth C H A L L E N G I N G ………. PEACE 🙂


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