I’m all for the confessions and the truth telling, but is Suge Knight a credible source? Why now after all these years would Suge come out with such incendiary statements that will only steer conspiracy theories into overdrive and at best spike Pac album sales? I remember seeing an interview where Suge alluded to Pac being alive despite the 4 shots that killed him on the Vegas strip. Now that Suge is in a bind he seems to be frantic to garner some public sympathy after years of terrorizing the music industry. Perhaps a little sympathy can go along way for a man currently deteriorating in some California prison without the communication and visitation of family and loved ones. To be honest this shit is mad ridiculous because it serves no purpose and at best drags his Ex-wife through the mud, to which she will undoubtedly sue Knight in court for defamation. Who will actually receive justice? Pac? Afini? Both are presumed dead because when it comes to Pac and the truth one never knows.

Suge’s credibility is shot, no pun intended, because he’s spread so many falsehoods that it is hard to believe now that he is destitute and downtrodden that he is all of a sudden become a trustworthy source. Remember this is the same dude that alluded to the possibility that Pac may be alive, and lets not forget those Eazy-E Aids origin rumors he spread in a now infamous and awkward Jimmy Kimmel interview, to now do a 180 and renig on his allusions screams of desperation. Perhaps it is his fall from grace that has strongly compelled him to toss out another theory behind the tragic murder of 2Pac. The once menacing behemoth whose famed record label Death Row records and A-list artists to boot, who dominated the airwaves in the early 90’s, is now just a shell of his former self. The co-founder of the West Coast’s premier Hip-Hop label has become the laughing stock and butt of many jokes. Possibly the funniest of them all are the ones Karma has told in Suge’s latter years. From being knocked out by a barber, to being shot up while clubbing with Chris Brown, being exposed by your Ex-wife Michel’le for the domestic violence you executed on her, to “going blind” whilst incarcerated, the punch lines just keep on rolling. The only way Suge Knight remains relevant is through his relationship to misery and anguish.

It now seems like these scathing revelation about the actual culprits to Tupac Shakur’s murder is the last ditch effort of the storied career of the boogeyman who no longer puts fear in the hearts of believers. All those who have even a modicum of love for Pac should come to a general consensus that he is most likely absolutely dead! Every year he’s supposed to be alive due to these astronomical, although compelling, mathematical equations such as the “7 Day Theory,” but fails to show his bald head save for his holographic performance. The boarders of Cuba have opened up so I guess Pac doesn’t want to travel freely back to the states and flee from the comforts of his compound he secreted away in with Assata Shakur. As much as I love Pac my theory is 4 shots minus 1 lung and x amount of internal damage and blood loss = Pac is DEAD!!! Let that man truly rest in peace and power and let’s stop with the theories and desperate confessions about how he died and who killed him!

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