Let’s keep it real folks! Everyone with a modicum of intellectual thought and a penchant for critical analysis can see that now President Trump was gonna fuck-up ROYALLY whilst in The White House (seems all the more fitting a name now that my man Barack Obama has left office.) This unabashedly idiotic man actually became the 45th President following in the footsteps of the 43 white men before him. Trump ran on a platform of fear, misogyny, xenophobia, racism, and straight up unadulterated bullshit! He galvanized his base of poor, scared, and misguided white folks and promised to “make America great again.” He sexually assaulted woman and laughed. White woman turned around and voted for him anyway. He made firing people from jobs sexy in his NBC reality show, “Celebrity Apprentice.” Trump then ran on a campaign promise to bring back jobs in what he dubbed the “America First” doctrine vowing to bring about 25 million jobs in the next 10 years. If he succeeds, which he will not, this creation of jobs would be the most of any United States President in history! This dude has said that, “We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth, and we will bring back our dreams,” and all I want to know is bring back our jobs from where, when did we loose the boarder, and who took our wealth? Trump while in his first 100 days in office signs one of the most, if not the most xenophobic executive orders in our life times with the now infamous “Muslim Ban.” Trump often sexualizes and trivializes woman, even if they are his own wife and daughter. This guy is pure filth!

Trump has already proven how much of a dick he can be and yet at each chaotic, despicably distorted, and downright dangerous step we (myself excluded) are outraged and in the words of the honorable Sean Corey Carter “so appalled.” Are we really that shocked and flabbergasted at the actions of a man who has already shown us what the worst of humanity could be when he bombs Syria? Granted Syria gassed its own people children included, but are we really that stunned that Trump would respond with over 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles? Some will argue that Trumps stance is in direct contradiction and is diametrically opposed to the sentiments he lamented regarding his stance on Syria, but Trump would call it “fake news” and then give an obviously fabricated version of reality, which by U.S. Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway has affectionately dubbed “alternative facts.” I swear I never heard of “fake news” or “alternative facts” until Trumps ascent to “the highest office in the land.”

I do not understand the outrage at all of Trump’s shenanigans when a much more effective use of our time would be to accept and expect shit to go haywire at a moments notice. Trumps volatility, predictability, and fervent instability should be par for the course by now when it comes his actions. Come hellfire missiles or highly contaminated water, when it comes to Trump DON’T ACT SURPRISED!

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