In this dog-eat-dog world where we are literally entertained by the most vile and negative commentary, it is important to remember the power of kind words! Some of us spend a majority of our online time looking at gossip sites and fishing for the latest rumors about movie stars, rappers, and other celebrities. What is sad is the fact that the negativity bolsters careers and draws attention to some of the most mundane and C list celebrities. Take Kim Kardashian for example. She is known for starring in a sextape with R&B singer Ray J. Nobody was checking for her until the rumors swirled of a sextape between the two was floating around somewhere. Once the tape hit the web her star rose to new heights and now she is a media and marketing powerhouse! It is no secret that Kim Kardashian was linked to quite a few high profile men. Because of her past relationships with these men, Kim is labeled a “hoe” or in contemporary slang a “thot.” Just imagine how damaging it must be to have literally millions of people slut-shame you and there is little to no defense from it? Imagine how overjoyed she must have felt that Kanye West adored her and was able to see past her past and love her for who she is sextapes with Ray J and all. Kim was certainly married before, but with Kanye she seems to be content.

By me merely writing the words “with Kanye she seems content,” it will undoubtedly drum up negative thoughts and speculation about the validity and motivation of Kim’s choice to be with Kanye with those reading this blog. Some will say “she’s only with him for his money” others will say, “her mom is pimping her out,” and a whole host of other negative talk. This is my point! Kind words are becoming reserved for those who we have fanatical undying love for and are reserved only for them. If you love Beyoncé and Jay-Z you will always find something nice to say about them. Beyoncé could sell a blank disc and put out a visual album with no visuals and people will find kind words when speaking about her and her art. Kim Kardashian can wear braids in her hair and it is viewed as “cultural appropriation” but when Beyoncé belly dances with Shakira it is viewed as artistic expression.

Please anyone who is reading this do not be bias with your kind words! The more we speak positivity and say nice things about and to one another the more the art of speaking kind words gets resurrected! I am a very playful and jokey kind of person and around certain folks my jovial nature is seen as a handicap and something that should be cubed. I don’t know how to be anything other than who I am so imagine how warm and fuzzy I felt when I was walking around my office and my co-worker said in a playful manner, “go sit your happy ass down.” She didn’t know how kind those words were to me and for her to recognize my joy. To this day my co-worker doesn’t know how awesome and comforting her words made me feel. Moral of the story is to speak kind words because we never know the breadth and depth they may have with the person we are speaking to, it just might make their day or save their life!

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