So I’m scrolling through “the most visited urban website in the world,” when I came across an article that showed DJ Duffy of Basketball Wives fame and a successful DJ dancing (think doggystle standing up) on rapper K Camp. I have danced with enough woman to know that just because you grind on them when you are both dancing does not mean she is loose with her vagina and will have sex with anyone. This is a childish notion and I never understood how one can become a “thot” an acronym which stands for “that hoe over there” when all that woman did was dance or dress sexy? The article was trying to frame DJ Duffy as a whore because she dancing on a man that was not her fiancé. The article did not have any other photographic or video proof that DJ Duffy is indeed a whore or that she was somehow violating her engagement. Why is DJ Duffy the thot and not K Camp? He could very well be in a supposed monogamous relationship and having dry sex on a dance floor in a club in public would be a violation that should get him labeled a thot.

I feel he is not even thought about because he has a penis and not a vagina! As soon as a woman is even remotely close to a man she is considered a thot. If a woman breathes too hard, she is a thot. God forbid a woman wears attire appropriate for the weather too fast for male approval like wearing a skirt on the first 75-degree day of the year, she is labeled a thot. It is far too easy for a woman, any woman, to be labeled a thot. All she has to do is simply exude some form of sexuality and she will be deemed promiscuous or overly sexual even if it is clearly not the case.A woman that dates more than one man in her whole entire life is subject to being called a thot (read with extreme sarcasm and malcontent.)

Now to play devils advocate, there are some woman who go overboard with their sexuality and I wouldn’t call them whores or thot as much as I would call them attention seekers. Men are the same way. When it comes to using our sexuality the act of doing so is genderless and cannot be in good faith relegated to one specific gender or type of person. With that being said, a thot cannot thot around with out someone else willing to engage sexually with them so why aren’t the sexual partners of thots given a label? She had to have sex with someone: orally, anally, vaginally in order to be a true thot and if there is no proof other than she just looks a certain way or she’s dancing in a sexual manner with another participant, both parties should be subject to extreme overzealous scrutiny and an immediate investigation should be conducted as to their sexual histories.

Of course this will NEVER happen because sex is still taboo in our society and we (both men and women) judge one another based on the perceived or actualized sexual habits of we have. If we have too little or no sex at all we make fun of and demonize the person. If a person has lots of sex and god forbid it’s with multiple partners that person is also ridiculed. No one is satisfied because you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I don’t care what folks do as long as they prevent the spread of disease by using protection you can be a “thot” or a “regular” person just be safe!

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