For the love of me I wish Hot 97, Instagram, Facebook, any social media platforms, and his internet service provider would ban Funkmaster Flex from communicating with the outside world! It is sad to see someone who once had so much respect and reverence struggle to remain relevant in a business where longevity and clout are hard to gain and even harder to keep. At one point in time Funkmaster Flex seemed to have it all: shoe deal with Lugz, a super influential and taste making radio show, and even an MTV show. I remember when if Flex even alluded to dropping a bomb on a record it was certified undisputable heat and was sure to be picked up and added into rotation in different radio markets around the country. Now you will be hard pressed to even tune into his radio show let alone give any of his opinions credence. I remember when Power 105.1 was this weird radio station that played commercial free music with little to no interruption from radio personalities.

My father in the 8th grade introduced me to 105.1 in its infancy on a Friday night headed to his place for the weekend in New Jersey. Who knew back then that the fledging would one day topple goliath and become the preeminent rap radio station in the Tristate are! I believe the shift in the morale for Hot 97 and by proxy Flex came in the inception of Power 105.1 in New York City. I believe as Power 105.1 started to gain momentum Flex started lacking in the humility department! There is something to be said when a persona in a predominantly braggadocios industry is accused of lacking humility! I think Flex thought he couldn’t be touched and his name was written in the pages of rap history in indelible ink not knowing that one false move can have your name etched over! For years Funkmaster Flex’s fuckery was building and his exploits were becoming more and more outlandish.

Perhaps the most gratuitous infraction came with his hard-on for the late grate 2Pac! For some reason Flex decided to launch an unwarranted crusade against 2Pac in the name of truth and transparency, but his attempt at exposing someone who has been “dead” for nearly two decades comes across as bitter, self-serving, childish, and attention whorish! What the hell could Flex stand to gain by coming for the legend? Flex’s latest allegations accuse 2Pac of “Cheddar Bobbing” himself, which is a euphemism for shooting oneself by accident. Flex claimed on a tear-filled Instagram Live rant that 2Pac shot himself first in the infamous Quad Studios shooting that was the catalyst for the whole “East Coast, West Coast” beef between Pac and the Notorious BIG. Flex goes on to claim that Pac knew exactly who shot him and instead of turning up on those folks he decided to blame Biggie.

Flex goes on further to make the bold claim that because of 2Pac’s cowardice in blaming an innocent Biggie Smalls for his attempted murder led to the subsequent murder of the Notorious BIG Poppa in Los Angeles shortly after the release of his second album “Life After Death.” I truly feel Flex should shut the f*ck up because it doesn’t matter at this point whether or not Pac lied and besides, no one can definitively prove any of Flex’s allegations because clearly no one is going to come forward and confess to killing BIG and no one can corroborate Flex’s story with indisputable evidence. All of this bullshit adds up to one thing: Flex is attention whoring using literally decades old sensational stories to gain buzz and draw attention for his dying if not already too far terminally ill radio platform! Flex CUT THE SUCKER SHIT OUT!!!

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