I’ve been workin’ this grave shift and I ain’t made shit
I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly past the sky, oh
I’ve been workin’ this grave shift and I ain’t made shit
I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly past the sky


These are the lyrics to Kanye West’s song Spaceship! I too wish I could fly away on a spaceship past the sky into the vastness of space! I would be free from things weighing me down like gravity and I would just shine amongst the stars. Some days I feel great as one can possibly feel and other days I wish StubHub or Live Nation would place tickets on sale for Kanye’s spaceship! This week turned out to be filled with many things that have troubled my mind and my heart. It started Monday when my sister wanted to come over because she was about to fight her oldest sister (we have different mothers.) I had to break from my normal routine of meeting with my African Rites of Passage community and head home to sort through the confusion. Before I was alerted to what was going on, my mother received a text from Pikachu stating, “someone is going to end up in the hospital.” My sister is an uber peaceful tranquil child and it takes exorbitant amounts of agitation on someone else’s behalf to get her to the point that she’s “someone is going to end up in the hospital” level of violent! Turns out, the cat my sister’s Godmother gave to my sister’s house peed on her Oldest sister’s sheets. Instead of handling the situation with maturity she decided to steal my sister’s Kindle Fire in exchange for my sister getting money from most likely me to pay to have the sheets washed or replaced. Pikachu is 13 and her Oldest sister is about to turn 19. If the two fought it would be a grown woman versus a child! I know siblings’ bicker and fight, but at what point does it simmer down? At what point does the older sibling realize they can no longer resolve matters with physical altercations? When my sister got fed up and decided to leave she packed a bag and her the belongings she held near and dear to her and headed over to my house. This move sparked a vicious threat laden tirade by my father against my sister saying “if you don’t got back to your house you’re gonna wish you had.” I don’t know if he actually planned to carry out the “wish you had” part, but just to know how unimaginably sad my sister felt and how unloved and unwanted she felt really enraged me and I have never in life felt so ashamed and embarrassed to call the man who my mother decided to have a kid with “my father!” Pure disgust and utter shame runs through my veins for this person! He has become the perfect role model of what not to aspire to in life. I don’t have any kids and probably won’t have any for awhile, but MY RIGHT HAND TO GOD AND MY WORDS TO THE UNIVERSE I WILL BE A BETTER BOYFRIEND, HUSBAND, AND FATHER THAN MY FATHER EVER WAS OR WILL BE!!! As for Pikachu, if I could pack me and you and mommy up in a spaceship and fly away from all the disappointment and hurt and just surround ourselves with love and support I wouldn’t hesitate to do so!!! For now all I can and will do is continue to love you and support you from the ground. If there ever comes a day when the tickets for Kanye’s spaceship become available just know that 3 tickets will be purchased and our bags packed!!!

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