I believe we live in a world where we are scared to be ourselves for fear of judgment. Not many people seem to be truly content with whom they are as people, where they are in life, and what they bring to the table. Everyone seems to be on edge and there seems to be a collective paranoia that has permeated every level of society nowadays where digital likes and perception means everything! I never really understood the need for people to lie about whom they are or the things they have because it never seemed to have really benefited anyone. I always found it odd and a countdown to when the jig is up for those people who go around putting on airs just to fit in or camouflage themselves in the vastness of other equally deceptive people. Why stunt, colloquialism for perpetrating a fraud or showing-off, for people who either know you’re lying or are so caught up in trying to appear like they are winning also that they do not even care about what it is you’re doing? Equally perplexing is why would a person lie for social media knowing that they can easily be found out?

This brings me to the case of Shad Moss aka Bow Wow! Apparently Bow Wow was heading to New York on a flight for business and decided to stunt for the Gram (Instagram) with a picture of a luxury vehicle parked next to a private jet. After taking the picture of his private jet and luxury vehicle he then boarded a commercial flight to New York, “you know you done fucked-up now, right?” Another passenger aboard the same flight took a picture of Bow Wow with the caption “so this guy lil bow wow is on my flight to NY. But on instagram he posted a picture of a private jet captioned “traveling to NY today” smh” In the words of the illustrious Queen of Hip Hop, Lauren Hill, “it could all be so simple, but you’d rather make it hard.” Why did Bow Wow think it was even a good idea to perpetrate a fraud so brazenly in front of the whole social media world like that? Did he think he would not be found-out? Did he think his star has fallen so much that he would not be recognized in public so he could just fly commercial like a regular non-famous citizen?

I blame the social media scene that contemporarily allows its users to live in a virtual reality matrix where they can be anybody and assume any identity. It no longer matters if what one posts is factual and can be authenticated in real life as long as it looks appealing and cool. No wonder people are facing depression more and more because of social media and the ways in which people’s insecurities are causing them to lie just to compete with the lives of others who themselves are lying on social media. The moral of the story is to just be yourself and be content with who you are and to by no means lie to others just to create a false reality to assuage your own insecurity! When it’s all said and done you have to live with yourself IN REAL LIFE AND THERE IS NO ESCAPING THAT!!!

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