Its funny how white supremacy works. Some Black folks feel like “white is right,” where the ideology dictates that the closer you get to whiteness the better things are. These particular Black folk are often color struck where they prioritize the fairer or light skinned Black folk because they are closer color wise to white people. Another character trait that is prevalent is the Black folk who associate the finer things with white folks and relegating anything commonplace as ghetto. In all of these examples it is the trick of white supremacy that permeates the very psyche of the Black person in America and can stifle progress if it is not eradicated. Perhaps the most humbling and hilariously tragic is the Black person who plays up their genetic makeup in order to enjoy the social benefits of being Black while never self identifying as such. This spy behind enemy lines mentality is made all the more tragic when the very white folks they pander to and so desperately try to align themselves with remind them that they ARE Black no matter how much white or other race they have in them. This brings me to Tiger Woods.

Recently I was scrolling through my usual pop culture blogs when I stumbled across an article about the defamed golfer, Tiger Woods. In the article Woods can be seen in his mug shot photo for catching a DUI charge recently. The fact that arguably the greatest golfer to ever play the game disgraced himself again by driving under the influence wasn’t alarming, it was his answer or the answer of the authorities to what Woods race is that was. A screen shot of the arrest information taken from online showed that when it comes to answering race, Woods chose “Black.” This is interesting being that when Black folks were celebrating the rise of another Black hero tackling the issue of race and breaking barriers, Woods referred to himself as “Comblinasion.” This made up BS is the advent of Woods who instead of standing on his Blackness he chose to become racially ambiguous. This was a slap in the face of Black folks and we largely withdrew our support of him. Now to be fair Woods could have chosen to answer his race as being “other,” but officers labeled him as “Black.” You can’t escape your Blackness no matter how high up the socioeconomic ladder one climbs.

I think it is interesting how Black celebrities or everyday Black folks who have been downplaying their Blackness come back to the community that nurtured them in order to garner support against white supremacy. White supremacy is the worlds leading killer because it is indiscriminant in its poisoning of human minds. With white supremacy comes the denouncing of Blackness. This slow suicide amongst Black folks happens when we hate ourselves so much we try killing ourselves on a genetic level, lying about how prominent another race is in our genetic makeup, to destroying our melanin on a molecular level with cakesoap and other skin bleaching methods. The moral of the story is white supremacy is a cancer and you cannot escape Blackness no more than one can outrun their own shadow. Boomerang Blackness: No matter how far away you go… you’ll ALWAYS come back!

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