Today started off on a great note! Nothing too extravagant had taken place to make this day such a wonderful one, but it is my mother’s birthday. I was on my way to work feeling wonderful and well rested when I received a text from my sister from Rites of Passage Program. My Rites of Passage sister text me in the morning to inquire about my blood sister and me not reminding her about a hair braiding appointment. As the conversation carried on I felt myself becoming irritated by the direction it was going. I remained calm throughout the conversation, but it bothered me still. I remained respectful and dodged the traps and did not take the bait of arguing with my Rites of Passage sister. I am proud that I remained levelheaded and chose not to combat her with words of play her usual games of start an argument and then blame the other person. As I shook off the feelings of annoyance that I had started my day on a high note and had now become annoyed in turn made me angry. I was angry that I had let a pointless conversation almost kill my joy.


The day progressed and multiple folks that I was interacting with were testing me. I even had a coworker give me a command as if I was her child or even a slave. Under normal circumstances the old me would not have known how to react because on one hand I am thinking “cuss her the fuck out because NOBODY should talk to you like you’re a slave.” On the other hand I would be thinking to myself, “if you do go in on her she could pull the patriarchy or sexism card.” I would be so torn between standing up for myself by matching the tone and intensity of the perpetrator or just ignore it that I would take no action. Today I took action! I told my coworker in a stern, but calm voice, “Yooo don’t do that! Don’t talk to me like that!” Looking back on it seems silly, but it got the job done and my coworker’s ENTIRE tone changed and it was an amicable exchange moving forward. I talked to my homeboy at the job and he said in almost a Zen like calm manner, “that’s just a transference of energy. Don’t let them transfer that negative shit on to you.”

My homeboy’s words couldn’t be truer!


People who are overwhelmingly miserable love to court folks into chaos. They are not happy with themselves or with those around them so they look to steal any modicum of joy someone else has. These types of folk give you negative energy while simultaneously viciously strong-arm robbing you of your joy. When this energy mugging is finished the thief walks away with your dignity and your positivity. When you engage with the person you know to be an energy thief, you end up looking like an asshole for following them down the dark alley of misery and miserly thinking. Today I can say unequivocally that I saw the dark alley and decided to bypass it to easy street where you are too blessed to be stressed!!! Please be aware of energy thieves and preserve and protect your positive energy because in today’s world it is increasingly becoming a rare commodity…

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