I always found it amusing when people who spew the most venom and vitriol fall victim to the same energy they’ve been putting out. Wendy Williams is a clear example of what it looks like when a deeply troubled person who makes her bread and butter off the scandals and rumors of celebrities becomes the “hot topic.” For years growing up during the 90’s in New York City the radio was a huge deal. The only way to hear new music or the latest entertainment info was the through the radio. Back in those days, there was no such thing as blogging at least it didn’t exist in the ways our contemporary imagination conceptualizes it and social media was word of mouth. The dominance of the internet had not come to prominence although the seeds of it had been firmly planted.

I remember growing up listening to the radio and Wendy Williams always being a presence. I remember the rumors, scandals, and the whole drama of it all. I even remember an early Charlemagne the God who carried on the lessons and style of shock jocking as co-host with Wendy Williams into his future ventures. I remember Wendy alluding to Puffy being homosexual and at one point I even remember her alluding to both Busta Rhymes and Jay-Z as homosexuals as well. I remember her hopping from station to station due to various issues and perhaps this is why I felt growing up that she was always on the radio no matter the station. At some point, I believe Wendy had to have known that the rumors and scandals she either got from her sources or drummed up completely, would come back to haunt her.

Yesterday during the live taping of her daytime television show, The Wendy Williams Show, she fainted. In the weeks prior to her fainting, her life has become fodder for other gossip or “tea spillers” to mill through. It has come to the attention of the world now that Wendy’s husband Kevin has been carrying on an affair for over 10 years with a new woman. To add insult to injury the mistress lived less than 10 miles from the home Wendy shares with her husband Kevin. Under normal circumstances, this would be seen as a tragedy and would garner support for Wendy. Unfortunately for Wendy, she’s made a very nice living off the backs of those in pain or misery and did so for our amusement so now that it’s her time in the sun we’ll just watch her dance with no sympathy.

I wonder if she feels emotions like sadness or embarrassment? I wonder if she has self-esteem and body image issues? Confidence and nonchalance can be faked so I truly wonder to what degree the rumors that swirl around her marriage and the scandal it’s become affect her? I wonder if she lays awake at night thinking about all those lives she affected negatively and with reckless abandoned? I wonder if right before she falls asleep at night she begs the Lord for mercy and for empathy and privacy during her families hardship with tears in her eyes knowing damn well nobody cares and Karma has come to collect?

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