This is a stream of consciousness blog post/rant. I’m gonna give it to you raw and unpolished. You’ve been warned.

I can’t explain for the life of me why people like to play with fire! I am not talking about professional pyrotechnics and fireworks etc. I am talking about taking unnecessary risks knowing the REWARD IS NOT WORTH SAID RISK! This leads me to the man whose resilience after taking L’s (losses) is to be admired, none other than Mr. Meek Mill. How in the fuck do you ride dirt bikes performing stunts knowing damn well it is in discordance with the stipulations of your parole? C’mon my G, why would you even risk jail time just to stunt? His motorcycle theatrics landed him a 2-year prison stint. Meek Mill is arguably the last of the “gangsta” rappers in an era of fake deep alternative rap and pretentious conscious rap. Being that successful all eyes on you like Pac and what did this dude do? He gets caught popping a wheelie…SMFH! As much as I am mad at Meek for squandering his blessing, I am even more upset that the wheelie-popping violation caused him to get 2 years in prison. How is this even justifiable? How is 2 years for a wheelie warranted when we have convicted rapists getting sentenced to less time? I think Meek’s situation turned out to be an unintentional teaching moment to Black kids. The lesson is there are two sets of rules in America: rules ALL Americans should in theory follow and then the audibles called by suspected white supremacists specifically for Black folks. Everything is not for everybody and the hands of justice seem to be the heaviest for Black folks. Meek being an alleged street oriented dude he should’ve known he is a high value target and drawing too much attention to himself (popping wheelies on parole) would land him in hot water. Was/is Meek wrong, absolutely, is 2 years for a wheelie excessive ABSOLUTELY!!! Another sad aspect to the whole situation is the fact that the judge in the case is a Black women smfh!!! The justice system is fucked as it is and we don’t need Black folks railroading other Black folks. I guess one saving grace from this whole ordeal is fellow rapper and Maybach Music Group label mate Rick Ross stepping forward to speak up for Meek at a rally held in his honor. Ross’s presence at the rally was beautiful because here we have an ex correctional officer speaking out about corruption and unfair practices. The time is now for Ross to embrace his officer past and use what he knows to expose the injustice system from an insider’s perspective. All in this entire situation is stupid and tragic. We have a super successful poet with a penchant for being involved in situations that leave him in less than favorable outcomes and a judge whose abuse of power lead to her handing down a 2-year prison sentence for popping a wheelie. Now both Meek and the judge will be incarcerated. In the words of Jay-Z, “Nobody wins when the family feuds.”

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