What’s really going on?

I am so sick and tired of people and their very biased and ill-informed opinions on what constitutes snitching and what does not! Apparently repeating readily available pubic information is considered snitching. If I hypothetically commit a crime and I served time for said crime if I then relay details of the crime I have already been tried and convicted of, according to Internet sleuths I am snitching. “I thought snitching was when you commit a crime and when you get caught for said crime you try to implicate others to reduce your own sentence?” EXACTLY!!! If you are prone to committing crimes and you happened to get caught for the crime and you cooperate with the police investigation, you my friend are snitching according to the street code.

Street ethic dictates that individuals involved in criminal activity are not allowed to then cooperate with law enforcement when things get rough aka you get caught!

I do not know for the life of me why we have it twisted that ordinary civilians who see crimes taking place or have information on criminal activity that then gives information over to investigators are considered snitches? Everyone in the United States of America learns the number to emergency responders as young as two years old. We are told that if we are ever in danger or need to call the police we should do so because it is our civic duty. After the horrific events of September 11th, 2001 we were told as New Yorkers, “If you see something say something.” So if you see a suspicious package or a group of suspicious persons in a restricted area and call the authorities on them you wouldn’t? “Fuck that shit I ain’t no snitch. I don’t care if it could be terrorism.” Nobody in their right mind would feel that way or espouse those sentiments in good conscious because they know how ignorant they would sound.

Why then would we demonize and indoctrinate those would be good Samaritans into the cult of “No Snitching” if we acknowledge that it is a civilian making complaints and not someone who has been involved in criminal activity and now wants to save themselves from the consequences of their actions? It further perplexes me how people are claiming the now infamous podcaster Taxstone is snitching! His lawyer just released a letter to the judge in his criminal case pleading for fair and lawful treatment. The letter explicitly stated that his client Darryl Campbell pka Taxstone was less of a threat and is being charged with weapons possession and the plaintiff Roland Collins aka Troy Ave is being charged with attempted murder, but yet Troy Ave is free on bond and Tax is being made to sit it out until trial.

Tax’s lawyer laid out an exhaustive argument to the judge on behalf of his client using the already agreed upon facts and did not once implicate Troy Ave as factually doing the things he’s accused of. All Tax’s lawyer was trying to do is use the facts given about Troy Ave and use them to place his client Taxstone in the most favorable light. What Tax’s lawyer has done is something many people claim isn’t being done in the criminal justice system which is lawyers ACTUALLY FIGHTING FOR THEIR CLIENTS and all these little internet trolls can say is he’s snitching?


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