The cowards of the internet!

I despise, detest, loathe, abhor, and out right hate “Trolls!” For those of you who haven’t had the experience of being “Trolled”, allow me to fill you in. A “Troll” is a spineless, anonymous, and irritating jerk who uses the anonymity of the Internet to wreak havoc on the lives of random strangers. How might you ask do these Trolls wreak havoc on random strangers? They do so by deliberately going against facts or outright name calling of people who post on comment sections of web articles, status posts, and any other online platform that allows people to input their opinions. Let’s say I posted an article about how dogs are smarter than we think. A Troll will come into the comment section and just start messing with folks in order to disrupt and derail the harmony of the exchange of opinions flowing. A Troll might comment, “dogs are definitely not smart you stupid cunt!” The unnecessary name-calling does nothing to add to the conversation or further the subject matter in any substantive way.

Now one might say that this is the persons right to express themselves and it is upheld by the first amendment, true. The only thing that makes a Troll different from someone with a dissenting opinion is the agenda behind the comments. A person with a different viewpoint will argue their point until either an agreement is made to disagree or the other person is swayed to share the same views. A Troll is just there to cause a commotion and confusion. Often time’s a Trolls comments derail the main conversation being had and the rest of the comment thread is dedicated to combating the remarks of the Troll instead of discussing the original topic at hand. Trolls are different in another way that separates them from a regular person who may have a different take on a subject than that of the person who either posted their opinion or displays some sort of support for an article or outlook is that there is no aura of duplicity.

The Troll uses the Internet to provoke arguments and agitate people under the guise of anonymity. No one knows who these Trolls are and cannot for the most part find and confront these commenters so they feel brave enough to say the most outlandish disrespectful things they can muster. Person A who in an ordinary conversation with person B disagrees with them will never take it to realm of pure unadulterated disrespect! There is a heightened sense of danger that a face-to-face disagreement can escalate so both parties check themselves so it does not become a physical altercation. A Troll gives little credence to danger because they know that no one has the time to seek, find, and confront these miserable individuals, so therefore they can comfortably take things to the realm of disrespect because there will be no consequences for their actions!

I just wish people would be honest with themselves and apply the etiquette they have with people in the real world with the people they encounter in the virtual domain. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face in real life, what does one get by saying it to him or her online? I hope all Trolls know that they are cowards in the purest form and that they should rest assured knowing that everyday they wake up in their miserable lives to Troll online is another day they further remove themselves from having an actual fulfilled life offline, sucker!

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