C’mon son!

After the misogynistic rant R&B crooner Tyrese went on regarding Black women and weaves, controversial former radio host and self proclaimed “Queen of All Media,” Wendy Williams made some scathing remarks about Tyrese. Instead of berating the R&B singer for his incredibly ill informed and tasteless remarks about Black women, she decides to attack his sexuality! I would have been perfectly fine with her ripping him a new one because frankly the more success he’s achieved the more arrogant and self-righteous he’s become! I liked the old humble Tyrese who had the chocolate brothers on the map with a voice of gold and killer set of pearly whites. This new Tyrese is lacking in humility and has somehow got it in his mind that he has the prescription for Black women when it comes to them finding love and happiness. Let us not get it twisted! I still think Tyrese is a rare singing talent and is a great actor to boot! I just wish he would shut the fuck up sometimes and not ruin the perception that he is this ultra smooth sexy cool R&B cat with his bullshit opinions!

Now for all of the disturbing shit that Tyrese says I think it is as equally disturbing that Wendy Williams would attack his sexuality. What does Tyrese liking men have to do with his disparaging remarks about Black women? If Tyrese were same gender loving, would it somehow magnify or nullify what he said? No, absolutely not! I think it was pretty weak for Wendy to go there with Tyrese because in the end she does little to help her position, which is that Tyrese is an ass for calling out Black women. All Wendy manages to do is make it seem like being homosexual is lowly state of being and is so reviled that it can be uses as an epithet to hurl at heterosexual people. What the “Queen of All Media” did is equivalent to what both men and women do when we call someone “pussy.” “Pussy” is the colloquialism for “vagina” We typically find vagina’s on women. So to call someone a “pussy” is to equate women with being less than, weak, and overall undesirable. Why would anyone want to be called “pussy” it is not like pussies can’t bare life and produce whole humans and can take a pounding and still bounce back, but I digress.

The course of action and manner in which Wendy Williams decided to respond to Tyrese is surprising being that from her radio days to her daytime talk show, she clearly has a large and loyal gay fan base. Why would she potentially alienate them by low-key insulting them in an attempt to slander someone else? If I were a homosexual man who supported Wendy Williams I would have to withdraw my support. I could not in good conscious stand idly by while someone who perpetuated the stance of being ally use my struggle and most importantly my identity as an insult! Two wrongs don’t make it gay!

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