This Shit Has To Stop!

What is it with people’s seemingly undying, never-ending obsession with who is and who is not gay? I NEVER understood the need to figure out another person’s sexual orientation unless it somehow pertained to your romantic relationship with that person. If you are not engaging in sexual intercourse with another your partner who you are in agreeance shares the same sexual preferences that you do that you are in a romantic relationship with, I see no need to figure out if another person is gay. People worry about and pay attention to the wrong shit! It is too easy to be labeled gay nowadays and with little to no evidence other than superficial signifiers such as: clothing, tone of voice, or even attractiveness. Harlem native and Dip Set general, Cam’ron wore outlandishly loud pinks and even had a pink Baby Phat phone and pink Range Rover to boot, but was NOT gay! Mr. “Gin and Juice,” West Coast ambassador and my nizzle for shizzle, Snoop Dogg has a very effeminate and laid back tone to his voice and his diction is that of what one can argue is a stereotypically “gay mans,” but is NOT gay! The legendary “Purple One,” Prince was “pretty” in his phonotypical features and wore eyeliner, and was NOT gay!

We ultimately cannot judge books by their covers, but why would we ever want to and better yet, why does society feel the need to? What is so compelling about homosexuality that prompts hate groups and faith based communities to stage rallies and demonize same gender loving folks? If two men are kissing its an abomination, but if two woman are kissing it is considered sexy? The idea of two same gender loving woman is considered sexy so much so that it is used in advertising and even song lyrics largely targeting and marketed to heterosexual men and woman. If this is generally the contradictory rule that society has put in place and vehemently upholds, it begs me to question whether or not homosexuality is “wrong” in the eyes of the heterosexual obsessed or is it only when it is limited to male on male relationships and sexual activity that people take issue with?

I have a gay aunt and I always knew she was gay and I never gave a fuck! I remember asking my mom when I was a young man of no more than four years old, “why does aunt _____ dress like Ellen?” The reference is to the out and proud comedienne and daytime talk show host Elle DeGeneres. Me and this aunt to get along for reasons I may reveal down the line in another post, but my dislike of said aunt is not because she is same gender loving, but because she a despicable, torrid, and disgustingly horrible human being! I judged my aunt on her actions towards my family and I, not on her sexual orientation, but on the content of her character, as all humans should be evaluated! It is 2017 and same gender loving folks have been and always will be amongst us so cut the shit and stop the witch hunt because in the end what difference does it make who’s gay and who isn’t and more importantly, why does it matter?

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