Dear Pikachu,

As your brother I know times are and can be rough for you while growing up. I know things are not always perfect and the way we want them to be. I know you have struggles, insecurities, and flaws. All of things add to your beauty. Ever since I laid eyes on you I have been smitten by your aura and enamored by your spirit. You are one of the most loving generous and least selfish people I know! Even when you were a few months old, a baby no older than a year, I remember mommy making us chili for dinner. Every time you came over to spend time with us, mommy would some how always end up making chili for dinner, funny right? I remember me tearing the food up and I had some sauce on my lips and you leaned over and wiped MY mouth with YOUR bib! The spirit of kindness has always permeated your being even when conventional wisdom would say you did not fully understand what you were doing, but the look in your eyes when you wiped my mouth and the smile you gave me when I said “thank you” is all I need to know to be convinced you absolutely knew what you were doing! It is funny how even though you never lived with my mother and me, you were ALWAYS over at our house and you were ALWAYS a welcomed addition! Both your mother and my mother made sure me and you got to know each other and form an unbreakable bond. My mother as you know considers you as her own daughter even though you are not biologically hers. For that I am eternally grateful! You are my father’s daughter and you were NEVER EVER treated as if you were my “half” sibling, you are my SISTER point blank period no fractions involved! I want you to know that even though we grew up in different households and we don’t share both parents, you are always and forever the third member of the team of mommy, you, and me! When you were first born your skin was much lighter than it is now and you were the cutest bundle of joy. I christened you “Pikachu” because I knew way back in the beginning that you would be my shadow, my friend, and sidekick much how Pikachu is to Ash! Also, you were “yellow” lol.  I am your Ash! I train/teach you and give you advice and in return you teach me and every now and again you shock me with how amazingly brilliant you truly are and how feisty you can be! You were always tough yet sweet. I believe you are the perfect balance of edginess and refinement, regal in both your inner and outer beauty. Simply put, you are humbleness personified! You are also my heart personified and I want you to know that no matter what life throws at you and no matter what kind of odds you face we are in this together! You will ALWAYS have an ally in me and I will fight for and beside you until the bitter end! It is us against the world gorgeous! I want you to know that you can achieve any goal, climb any height, and conquer any feat your divine heart desires! Don’t let anyone tell you who you are short of a child of God and never allow your spirit to be broken! You will meet boys and some will love you and some will break your heart, that is life! We can never truly safeguard ourselves from disappointment, but the difference between other folks and you is that YOU must NEVER EVER BECOME BITTER!!! You mustn’t let the world crush you no matter how persistent it might seem to try to do so. You are a young Queen and you should and shall be treated as such! Don’t let any person disrespect you least of all some man especially if he claims he loves you. Love is NOT supposed to hurt! In the event you may come across this situation know that I am here for you and I will nurse your pretty wings until you are able to fly again! I guess what I am trying to convey to you is to NEVER lose your innocence because it is your essence and it is who you are! You are NOT a malicious or vindictive person! You are and were always a sweet gentle soul and I want you to understand that you should fight like hell to remain that way despite outside influences or circumstances! You may not have many friends, all the latest clothes, or even enough to eat at times, but just remember I pray for you EVERY night and I will continue to do EVERYTHING in my power as your big brother to make sure you are straight! All things will come in due time and it is important that you understand what it means to not give up or give in! You have to push forward even if it is bit by bit so you can get all that the universe has promised for you! In closing I want you to know that you are LOVED and there is not one day that goes by since you were born 13 years ago that I’m not thinking of you and praying for you! You may not understand everything I wrote or why I wrote it, but my hope is that one-day you will.



Keevin the Ash to your Pikachu

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