‘Why Could That One Not Have Been Worked Out?’

“People don’t realize, you know, the Civil War, if you think about it, why?” The idiot we call President Trump told reporters. Trump goes on to say, “People don’t ask that question, but why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?” Now his ignorance would have just been benign and I would have just chalked it up to him being severely misinformed. I can ignore it. What I cannot ignore are these words, “why could that one not have been worked out?” The Civil War was largely about the exploited labor of enslaved African folks. How to keep the institution of slavery and not have it collapse the economic future of America was Abraham Lincoln’s dilemma.

So now that we have established that the Civil War was mostly about the peculiar institution of slavery and the economic implications it would have on the country if it were to continue, what the hell could have been “worked out?” To imply that if could have been worked out would be to imply that chattel slavery should still be an institution. So you mean to tell me that the harvesting, breeding, and exploiting a whole group of people for economic gain is not a reason to go to war? Did Trump not just drop the “mother of all bombs” in Syria for the murder of Syrian citizens at the hands of the Syrian government? That military action was justifiable, but when it comes to people fighting on behalf of Black folks even if it is an outcropping of some larger political agenda, and even if it happened literally hundreds of years ago, this bastard cannot seem to see the justification in it.

To say “why could that one not have been worked out?” means that the outcome of the war is contradictory to your homicidally racist revisionist imagination where niggers are controlled and their avenues of prosperity are funneled through the white man much like his first lady of Cooning Omarosa is as a member of Trump’s cabinet! I wonder how she sleeps at night knowing that the boss she works for imagines a world where if things “could have been worked out,” she would be his personal whore and her now deceased former actor and fiancé Michael Clark Duncan would have been his number one breeding buck? She disgusts me and she is the clearest example I have in my mind about turncoat Black folks who snitched on rebellions and uprisings for an apple and a piece of cornbread, but I digress.

Trumps rhetoric of “make America great again” is obviously much less a campaign slogan and more dogmatic hypnotism that is invoked on the weak-minded, the willfully ignorant, and those who stand to gain monetarily from the “good ole days.” This dude Trump is dangerous because his ignorance is genuine. I do not believe Trump is smart enough to play ignorant so when he says “why could that one not have been worked out?” in reference to the Civil War’s Confederacy vs. the Union he means exactly that! He wants to know how could both sides have brokered a deal where Blacks were still enslaved and the North got whatever they wanted whatever that is (read with extreme vitriol and sarcasm.) I think Trumps “innocent” question was more a Freudian slip and a glimpse into the true inner thoughts of Hitler lite.

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