Before I go in let me first start off by saying I have immense respect Dr. Dre for what he’s done in Hip-Hop, his production skills in particular, and he has been an inspiration to me in those regards. Now that I got the salutations out the way, let me tell you how extremely excited I was and how that excitement went to hell in a hand basket all over some headphones. These infamous black and red headphones were none other than the Beats by Dre brand. I was always a Bose man ever since I could afford a pair of high-end headphones. Since I produce and make beats I guess I am a natural audiophile and headphones were always a priority. I love to listen to music and I want the experience to be rich and warm. I would go through Sony headphones like nobody’s business up until the Bose. I really loved those headphones until that fateful spring day when they somehow slipped from my Adidas track pants! This is the day that changed my aural journey for the better.

My beloved Bose headphones were perfect and the only thing that could make perfection ethereal is if they were wireless. Since I was in the market for new headphones I decided that I would cave in and get a pair of Beats. Prior to getting the headphones I listened to a pair that my step pops had and I was not impressed… AT ALL!!! I thought they were a waste of money and it being lauded as a worthwhile investment was due to Dr. Dre’s pedigree behind the boards and incessant marketing. Beats by Dre headphones were everywhere and were worn as a fashion accessory not unlike a designer scarf. I would much rather enjoy my Bose, but the convenience of having a wireless headset was too good of a thing to pass up. I believe at the time Bose did not have a wireless headphone option. My brother who had a white pair lured me into getting the Beats through his good review and my lack of patience with my current music listening experience. I thought these Beats would be a sensible solution to my problem, but boy was I wrong!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Power Beats wireless headphones for about a good four to five months and then disaster struck. The part of the headphones that wrap around the outside of the ear became loose and eventually broke off from the base. I was so miffed that they broke and that I could not go back to Best Buy and exchange them under warranty like I was able to do with my Bose. I had the unfortunate luxury to have to take them all the way to the Apple store and deal with their notoriously slow service. I eventually received a new pair a few days later from Apple and I was again all set! A few months later this second set began to fall apart and because I was out of warranty I had to resort to super gluing the parts back together.

I went to South Africa and these Beats started to fall apart again and I had to wait to get back to the States in order to perform surgery on my Dr. Dre headphones, ironic right? Recently me and by brother who I first saw with the wireless Beats laughed about how bad an investment those headphones turned out to be and we both vowed to be done with Beats as a company! No longer will I ever pay $200 plus for headphones that are poorly made, but sell do to marketing and the headphone’s namesake being a legendary record producer. Since vowing to NEVER go back to Beats by Dre headphones I recently bought a pair of Bose wireless headphones that give me the convenience of Beats mixed with the sonic clarity and quality craftsmanship that I’ve come to expect from Bose! My ears are happy again!

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