White supremacy and the mindset that follows it is dangerous. We ALL know this, but to what degree do we recognize its insidiousness? To what degree do Black folks actually see the myriad of ways covert white supremacy rears its pasty head? This brings me to Keaton Jones. I feel so terrible that I actually cried and was moved to tears by the seemingly genuine pleas for anti-bullying and compassion for all humans Keaton espoused. I don’t think I was ever bullied in life, but I thought I could recognize the genuine pain that the effects of bullying may have on those who are victims of it. I was wrong. I underestimated the cunning and savvy of people who take illogical and unethical concepts and forge whole bullshit identities behind them. If you’re confused, I’m referencing white supremacists that use race as a means to demean, deter, and disrupt otherwise unobstructed Black lives. Keaton Jones comes from a family of racists and since racism is taught in the home, what do you think the type of person Keaton is? I’m positive the “bullying” incident probably happened after Keaton in one of his anti-other fits said something out of pocket to another kid or group of kids, because let’s face it (no pun intended) if you have an issue with one person is that considered “bullying” or just “beef?” I’m not too sure, but I find it more plausible that Keaton was the aggressor in almost all of his alleged “bullying” incidents.
Come to find out the school where these bullying incidents occurred said there was only one reported instance on record of Keaton being bullied. Keaton’s white supremacist momma decided to videotape her child’s fake-sincere plea for humans to show their humanity towards people who are different, yet his mom and his jailbird father are whole racists. The sad irony in all of this is that the Black community, the hip-hop community, in particular, was the main ones championing for the “KKK Kiddie.” Black folks have been bullied in this country ever since we were kidnapped and trafficked here so we can seemingly recognize other victims/survivors. Keaton fooled us though. We really thought he was legit and that’s why we got behind him and supported his cause with many famous Black folks leveraging their celebrity to bring awareness to the son of bullies who allegedly got “bullied.”
How ironic is it that Keaton can be seen in a classic KKK family photo holding an American flag standing next to his sibling who is holding a Confederate flag. If those aren’t two of the most recognizable signs of bullying then I don’t know what is. Black folks have to stop appealing to and gravitating towards the morality of white folks when it comes to dealing with white supremacy. No amount of respectability politics will conveniently shift the perspectives of the willfully ignorant white folks as it pertains to race and how they treat nonwhites. So the next time when Black folks see some seemingly well-meaning white person trying to appeal to people’s heartstrings so sanctimoniously, we will have better discernment in who, how, where, and what we support!

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