A Lesson In White Fragility

When I think about how racist white people move and how truly ignorant in every sense of the word these folks are, I pity them! Not every white person is on that type of time when it comes to Black folks and for every Eminem, there is a donald trump. I get it. The fact that I even have to emphasize that point speaks volumes to why I’m annoyed by racism. The other day I came across a meme on Instagram that was of two white women who are apparently “pioneering” some new yoga craze where the participants smoking marijuana. A commenter critiques the craze because he felt that he couldn’t support what the white women were doing because so many Black people are getting locked up for doing the same exact thing.

I, being African American, felt that this white guy was noble in his stance against inequality and to quite frank the lunacy that is white supremacy and its supporters. As I began to scroll through the comments I came across many butt-hurt white folks talking about “if marijuana is illegal in your state then you’re subject to being arrested if caught and that goes for all people not just blacks.” This is how those certain white folks decided to respond to the meme. Infuriated at the pure red herring fallacy of it all, I decided to take the high road and school some of these white folks about how what they were saying, although true, does little to support Black folks who are being treated unjustly by the judicial system in America, but also how unnecessary it was to point out that fact. After trying to talk logic to these folks I quickly came to the conclusion that it is not a matter of comprehension, but one of complete and utter disregard for the truth and a blind allegiance to denial. After talking to them and hitting them with logic such as the fact that overwhelmingly the majority of marijuana arrests are of Black folks and that this fact doesn’t detract from the fact that white people get arrested for marijuana also.

White fragility dictates that they lack empathy and attack each viewpoint that doesn’t inflate their ego. What a true lack of humility on their part. The worst part of the whole ordeal I had is that laughably I was called “racist” by these suspected white supremacists. I asked my accuser did he mean that I was “prejudiced,” because Black folks can’t be racist due to the fact that racism is a system of oppression and Black folks don’t have the power to literally dictate the lives of whole generations of white folks the way white people have done and continue to do. Infuriated the guy looks up my Instagram profile and goes to my bio and clicks the link landing him smack dab into my blog! Apparently, he didn’t like my post about Keaton Jones so he claimed I had “fallacies” in my post. Further reaffirming my original thoughts about white people such as the gentleman I tried to use his ignorance as a teaching moment, I just simply thanked him for supporting my blog. It infuriated him even more. I was satisfied.

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